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Wheelchair Ramps the End of an Era

it was 2000 when I got my 1st PC

Quite late really as I was in my mid 30’s but I had never really seen much need for them as I was working in the building industry at the time.

As soon as I got one though I was hooked and soon started building little websites for fun on the free website builders which were around at the time.

It was around this time that building regulations were changing due to the DDA and all new properties were supposed to be accessible to wheelchair users.

With this in mind I decided to build a little website for wheelchair ramps.

It was only really a bit of fun as I didn’t have a business at the time, didn’t have a wheelchair ramp supplier and didn’t really know much about marketing or SEO.

I basically just added a few photos of ramps, added information about wheelchair ramps and information about the DDA and regulations related to disabled access.

I didn’t really think anything would come of it until one day the phone rang and it was somebody wanting to buy a wheelchair ramp. I had to explain I didn’t sell them and the site was just an experiment.

The following week the phone rang again, then again, then again and I thought I need to do something about this, so contacted a ramp supplier, set up a business and started selling wheelchair ramps 🙂

Although I was still working full time on the building, the ramp sales were a nice little bonus, I also started earning more money from my SEO work and soon got to the stage where I had to consider giving up work to concentrate on my Wheelchair Ramps business and my SEO work.

The decision became easier when we had our 2nd child in 2004 and I had a month of work and then decided not to go back.

Jump forward to 2018, the ramp sales had slowed a lot due to more competitors, rivals selling cheaper ramps and the ramps I was selling just not being competitive enough.

Then in early 2018 I had a bit of a shock and found I had jaw cancer

Knowing I would be in hospital for a couple of months, followed by more months of treatment my only real option was to mothball my wheelchair ramp website.

I left the site running but removed a lot of content and removed all my contact details, including my phone number and email address as I didn’t want my family being hassled by people inquiring about wheelchair ramps.

I ended up being in and out of hospital for about 8 months and when finally settled back in at home never really started my website back up until a couple of years later when I gave it a bit of an update, switched it more to an information-based website and sold advertising space on it rather than actually selling wheelchair ramps.

Jump forward another couple of years and I thought this was a bit of a waste really, but I couldn’t really get any inspiration to look for a different ramp supplier and couldn’t really justify the time switching it back to a retail site.

Then in April 2024 I thought maybe it’s time to let my baby go and put a message on it saying “This Website May Be For Sale”

A few weeks later somebody contacted me, we got talking, they made an offer but it wasn’t enough for me.

We spoke more then came up with a plan – They would buy the site but keep me on to manage and maintain it.

I considered this a Win, Win for both of us – They paid less than I wanted but I got to stay involved with my baby.

Although the work I’m doing on the site now isn’t for myself, just the fact I have more products to work with has rejuvenated my enthusiasm and it’s like the early days where I am really enjoying what I am doing.

I’m doing far, far more hours than what I am being paid for, but as long as it still feels like fun and not like work, I am happy with that.

We are almost back to the early days where I am treating it more like a hobby than work 🙂

Wheelchair Ramps Website

The end of an era but the beginning of a new One !

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